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Next stop: Indianapolis • National Conference on College Composition and Communication

Follow Proyecto Carrito as we travel across the country, with this blog and on Twitter (#ProyectoCarrito). Together, we write to overcome obstructions to our college workers’ rhetorical mobility. We create translingual rhetorical situations and networks that build campus conditions to support writing across borders of various kinds. We curated our car-text from 500 written-word pages, photographs and videos we have produced together over three years. This car-text publishes our evolving identities as writers in the context of U.S. immigration policy and our dreams for a more inclusive and global 21st-century education. Read more about the project, and where we're going next.

At last, the big day: Our presentation at CCCC 2014

We realized the best way to have our audience understand the spirit of Proyecto Carrito would be to have them physically present with it. So we shuttled the crowd of 20 from our original third-floor conference room down to the parking lot, and gave the presentation with professors and scholars gathered around the van, texts and images projected onto the wall, and our colleagues and friends at Emerson and abroad watching live online. Each speech—with words that came from the heart—was followed by applause that filled the cavernous parking lot. "I didn't know it until now," said one woman after our presentation, "but this is why I came here." Read more...

Arriving in Indianapolis

After a pit stop at Cracker Barrel—known for inviting "everyone regardless of race, color, disability or national origin"—Proyecto Carrito pulled up at the hotel in Indianapolis, and we began preparing for the presentation. Read more...

Day 1 on the road: Halfway there!

Img 1511process After about seven hours of driving along scarcely-illuminated interstates—with only two rest stops—and crossing three state lines, we arrived in Clearfield, PA (pop. 6, 215) at around 3 a.m. for a much-needed overnight rest. Read more...

And we're off!

As the sun began to set over Emerson, Proyecto Carrito geared up for its inaugural 935-mile, 15-hour road trip to Indianapolis. With us: eight maletas, a dozen glazed donuts from Dunkin’, countless pages of writing, and a whole lot of spirit. Read more...

The wrapping

Kevin Bergin of We Wrap Boston talks about how the wrapping process for Proyecto Carrito was different than normal—and why, to him, it was fascinating.


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Gracias por compartir.

Es hermoso pensar lo valiosas que son todas las historias que tenemos por contar y más... Read more

Thank you!

Hello Everyone! My name is Taylor McMahon, and I am currently a student at Emerson College.... Read more

I was so inspired by your presentation at 4Cs and think the work you are doing is amazing! Best of... Read more

Felicidades Proyecto Carrito!

Felices y cargados de historias y aprendizajes nuevos encanta este proyecto. Los amo. Erika

Lunch on the farm,

It's noon and the smell from Tito's house is mouthwatering. It's time to grab a plate and... Read more

Great Job!

It's such great work you are doing! Heidi Bailey

Hermosa Tam, querido Ryan y a todos...en proyecto carrito: un abrazo enorme, me encanta este proyecto. Los adoro y les deseo un excelente viaje. Erika

for a world without borders

Congratulations on this wonderful journey! -typing from a train en route to another conference, Wendy W. Walters Emerson WLP

Wonderful presentation! You are all so inspiring. I can't wait to see the car in-person when you return to Emerson.


Yay! We're here in the conference room applauding and watching you mingle!:)

Best of Luck!

This project is so important to the unheard voices not only within Emerson College but within the... Read more

What a journey!

So much Emerson, FYWP, and Boston pride for your work and dedication to this project! Drive... Read more

From Lee Pelton

What a wonderful adventure you have taken on. I wish that I could be with you at National... Read more

Best of luck! This is such a beautiful project. I hope that you are turning heads and changing minds from Boston to Indianapolis and beyond!! - Molly

Mr. Kevin says Good Luck!

Best of luck to all of you, thank you for letting me be a part of your journey! Keep up the fantastic work, and take your voices as far as you can!

Hola Amigos! I am so proud of all you are working towards, and the good wishes of the Emerson community are... Read more

Its a Beautiful Blend - like Coffee from Colombia, Guatemala, or Dunkin's?!

Hi there Proyecto Carrito road trippers... Read more

Hey mucho animo desde Colombia les deseamos. atte JUAN LUIS MESA

What an amazing project! This is a fantastic way to change the frame of the conversation around these political/social issues. Good luck on the drive! ~Cate

Woow its amazing proyect. I am very happy for this moment and i go with us the next time. Enjoy:)

Hola gente linda, soy Andréa :D I am full of gratitude for all of the people participating in Proyecto... Read more

We are with you!

Greetings from Boston, where your colleagues and friends are watching your progress with... Read more


Amazing project! There are so many barriers our colleges and universities uphold, from national... Read more

Best of luck, Projecto Carrito!
With you in spirit!

Greetings Everyone! I am so excited about your pilgrimage to Indianapolis for the... Read more

Wishes for an AMAZING Road Trip!!

I think this is just the greatest project! And I feel so fortunate to be... Read more

Travel Safe

What an incredible journey!! Can't wait to see more photos, videos and comments about your journey! Travel Safe! Linda Morrison

The epic trip starts...

Hoping next time will go with you. Le me know how the adventure is going

A message from Kendall Nelson